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Tax and Business Consultancy Services LLC (TBCS) was founded by its President and Founder, Milton Thompson in 2007, in response to the need to assist small and medium sized companies operate their businesses more efficiently and profitably. TBCS also recognized that individuals filing their annual tax Read More →



To be the company of preference for all Accounting, Taxation and Consulting Services to the rest of the business world..Read More →



To enable all our clients to accomplish their goals, objectives and aspirations, while making their businesses more efficient... Read More →

To treat each client as if they are our only client,developing their trust and building relationships. Empower and equip all associates and team leaders to maximize their skills, talents and know-how to deliverthe highest levels of client satisfaction attainable in our industry.

Tax Planning

To be the company of preference for all Accounting, Taxation and Consulting Services to the rest of the business world. Read More →

Business Consulting


Tax And Business Consultancy Services LLC has more than 26 years of helping small business owners... Read More →

Testimonials :

“ We had our 2009 Taxes prepared by a CPA Firm and they said that we owed the IRS $11,000.00 because we had sold a rental property. Milton, from TBCS LLC said he would review the return, when he was finished the IRS owed us $9,000.00 which we received plus interest. I would recommend TBCS LLC to anyone one who wants to get their tax returns prepared correctly. ” Leon & Pamela Lewis
“ Our 2008 Tax Return was prepared by a CPA Firm and they said that we owed the IRS over $2,000.00, After Milton from TBCS LLC reviewed it were now getting a refund, plus all the payments that we already made on the amount. With TBCS LLC preparing our Tax Returns, we now have peace of mind.”Easton & Marsha Riley
“ As a foreign investor in the USA, we did not know the first thing about filing US Taxes, Milton from TBCS LLC, held our hands and guided us through the process. Not only did he prepare and filed our taxes, he got my husband and I Tax ID Numbers so that we can file with the IRS without any problems. ”Yamile Berry
“ We own a Partnership Business and had a CPA Firm preparing business Taxes and individual tax returns, and every year we would end up owing the IRS. After engaging the services TBCS LLC we no longer owe the IRS on our personal returns, the three previous years, 2007-2009 after he amended them we did not owe the IRS anything. Thanks to the expertise of Milton and the TBCS LLC team.”Josie, Patrick and David
“ I had another accounting firm preparing my corporate and individual tax returns and for the years 2010 and 2011, they had me owing the IRS a total of over $12,000.00. When Milton, from TBCS LLC came to my rescue, he amended my corporate returns and personal returns and I ended up getting a tax refund from the IRS instead. He filed my Corporate and personal tax returns for 2012 and I received the largest refund since I started filing taxes.”Angie Garay
“ I have been filing taxes for many years, changed several accountants and from 2002 – 2007, they said that I owed the IRS a huge amount of money. Since I engaged the services of TBCS LLC in 2011, they not only saved me money from reduced Insurance Bills to getting tax refunds. I finally experience what getting a refund from the IRS feels like.”V. Sprauve
“ I received a letter from the IRS in April this year (2013) saying that I owed over $7,000.00 from some stock related investments that my daughter sold, but were purchased in my name. We called Milton, from TBCS LLC and when he was finished, the IRS responded saying that we did not owe anything. God Bless Milton and his company, TBCS LLC.”Hilliman & Motilal

Our Services

  • Full Charge Book-keeping and Accounting
  • Payroll Processing,payment & filing payroll taxes
  • Preparation and Filing W2s' and 1099s'
  • Sales Tax preparation and filing
  • Corporate and individual tax preparation and filing
  • Tax planning and consultation
  • New business incorporation and registration
  • Non –profit incorporation and tax filing
  • Business consulting and analysis